Shimano Curado I Reel Review

Shimano Curado I Reel Review

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Quick Overview





  • Infinite cast control
  • Great gear durability
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Excellent cranking power
  • Has a convenient knob for easy adjustment


  • Prone to corrosion in saltwater

The Shimano Curado I Reels were redesigned in 2014 and represented an updated version of the popular low-profile baitcasting fishing reels. Shimano went back to square one and re-engineered this version with a strong emphasis on performance. As a result, this Shimano Curado series provides greater durability, better casting performance, and more power.

Shimano has built a good reputation as the go-to fishing reels for both salt and freshwater. The Curado I series utilizes unique reel technology and comes in different gear ratio. The series has five models which include; 200IPG (5.5:1, right-handed), 200I (6.3:1, right-handed), 200IGH (7.2:1, right-handed), 201I (6.3:1, left-handed), and the 201I (7.2:1, left-handed).

These models boast incredibly improved performance and durability. They have taken the market by storm and exhibit an impressive degree of versatility, power, and smoother functioning.

Shimano Curado I Reels Features

X Ship technology

The X ship technology provides better gear durability. The technology provides support to the pinion gear on each end of the ball bearings. When the pinion gear is stable, it helps to maintain proper positioning of the drive gear. Even under the heaviest load, the gear will remain aligned. This eliminates friction between the gear and the shaft beside improving cast performance and perfecting longer casts.

SVS infinity technology

The Shimano Curado I reels utilize the newest brake system technology. The SVS infinity technology provides convenient, easy to manage spool control and a consistent brake force on the reel.

The system is made of brake weights that utilize inner friction against the turn during the cast. The system controls the speed of the reel spool especially when lighter lures are in use. Besides, the external adjustment knob offers easy, quick adjustments when switching the bait.

When the SVS infinity and Xship technologies are combined, they deliver precision cast control.

Stable spool design

Commonly known as the S3D, the Shimano stable spool design is another impressive feature. The design offers a uniformly thin wall that helps reduce the reel vibration. Additionally, the design promotes a smooth feeling that enhances casting and retrieving of lures.

Super free system

The super free pinion gear system is supported by ball bearings to eliminate friction on the shaft. This unique system ensures the spool shaft and the pinion gear are aligned precisely whenever the reels clutch is disengaged. This eliminates friction on the shaft and increases free spool movement.

Super stopper

With the Shimano Curado I Reel you will have instant hook setting power. This made available by the one-way roller ball bearing designed to eliminate back play.

Escape hatch

Another impressive feature is the escape hatch. When the easy-to-use switch is flipped, the reel’s side plate swivels downwards. This gives you a precisely quick access to adjust the VBS weights. You will also enjoy comfortable palming thanks to the smooth side plate.


  • Infinite cast control
  • Great gear durability
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Excellent cranking power
  • Has a convenient knob for easy adjustment


This is a good fishing reel with the perfect combination of features. The reel is ready for all application whether it’s freshwater or saltwater fishing.

The X-ship technology improves the gear durability thereby helping the reel to deliver optimally for long. It provides precise gear alignment under heavy loads thus improving the power and efficiency of the gear.

Additionally, the SVS infinity technology is unique to these fishing reels. It provides infinitely adjustable brake force and consistent spool control.  With the externally adjustable dial, you will have six levels of settings which offer a level of precision rivaled by none of the competition.

On top of that, this series of Shimano reels offer a variety of three gear ratio; 5.5:1, 6.3:1, and 7.2:1. This makes it an effective series that is designed to meet varying fishing needs.


So how does the I series compare to the K series?

The Shimano Curado I series comes in three gear ratio 5.5:1, 6.3:1, and 7.2:1 while the K series comes in 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1 gear ratio. Also unlike the I series, all the K models are offered in left and right retrieve. Additionally, the K series has a better ball bearing at 6+1, compared to the 5+1 of the Curado I series.

Although the Shimano Curado I reels are outshone by the K series in most of the features, they still represent the best value. The reels are more affordable than the K series reel and are more lightweight. Besides, this reel is affordable hence best for anglers operating on a tight budget.

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Power and durability make the Shimano Curado I Reels the best products in their class. If you care about the power and durability of your fishing tool, then do yourself an honor and invest in this device. It has the best casting performance and barring any flaws; the reel will serve for many years.

The reel is also reasonably-priced and represents the best value for money. Whether you are a pro or a novice, this device has a lot to offer. Try out it out today, and thank us later for helping you make the decision.

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