Piscifun Brand Overview

Piscifun Brand Overview

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With a multitude of fishing brands out there, how do you know which one is the best? It's natural to wonder, especially if you're new to fishing. Most people don't want to just dive in and start spending money on fishing gear that might end up useless.

Piscifun is a brand that certainly won't leave you in that position. They are well known for quality gear at prices anglers are comfortable with. You can also get just about everything you need within the brand, from poles to reels and lines.

If that's not enough to draw you in, then continue on to learn more about this fantastic brand.

Piscifun Brand Background

There's a lot to be said about knowing where a brand came from and how it got started. This can play a huge role in understanding what the brand stands for. With so many huge brand names out there, it can be hard to know whether you're supporting one with values that match your own.

On the official Piscifun website, they make it quite clear who they are, what they stand for, and how well the company has done since it started. Here's a brief idea about what Piscifun is all about, including some information on their history, values, and performance.


Although this company isn't an old one, it's one that is more than capable. It began in 2013, started by two friends who had a lot of experience within the fishing market. Since that time, the company has grown rapidly, increasing sales outputs and building a reputation for great products.

One of the co-owners, Peter, has been an angler himself for the long term. He's spent time in a variety of destinations well known for fishing. There's no doubt his experiences as a fisherman have played into the designs you'll find offered by the brand.

On the other hand, co-owner Ben worked within fishing product manufacturing long before starting the Piscifun brand. Having created products for other brands as well as his own, he's certainly the one who was able to pull together the strings to get Piscifun products onto the market.

About The Company

There are two major things that the Piscifun brand are inspired by. Naturally, the first is a love of fishing. Second to that is the love of family. This is a brand that seeks to bring the two things together in order to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In addition to this, the company is aware that not all families have or want to spend a lot of money on their fishing hobby. As a result, they strive to bring down the prices involved in circulation. That way, those who want to fish don't have to empty out their wallet to do so.

Instead, Piscifun focuses on what anglers really require. That means quality products without extreme prices. The business also works to adapts to the needs of customers with quick responses, making sure that the ever-changing customer base is always getting what they want the most from their brand.

Company Performance

Since it began, the Piscifun company has grown rapidly. Many new business owners may worry about the first year, but a whopping 80,000 sales kept Piscifun rolling along quite well. It's clear that they knew what people wanted and how to get it to them right from the start.

In its second year, the business increased those numbers to about 150,000 sales. That's nearly doubling the sales made in the first year. It was truly a time of massive growth for Piscifun, and it goes to show that customers will respond when they find quality products at reasonable prices.

In year three, the numbers doubled again when Piscifun gained a massive 300,000 in sales. With that kind of growth, you can be certain the business is headed for a bright future. All it takes are products people want to buy and prices they want to pay for their goods.

How To Attach Piscifun Fly Line To Fly Reel?

Before you get started, note that you'll need a few tools to get the line onto your reel properly.

These items include the following:

  • Your chosen line
  • Your chosen reel
  • A nail knot tool
  • A pair of scissors
  • A spool (or a second person and a pen)

Once you have these objects, you're ready to get started.

Begin by making sure both the line and reel are fully opened. Get rid of any twist ties or other bits of packaging and ensure that there is backing on the reel. Both the reel and the line should have one end with a small tag on it, indicating where to attach the line to the backing.

Now, pick up your backing and your nail tool. Run the backing through the tool at the very top, then downwards. You should see a slot in the top of the tool that you can run it down.

Then, start wrapping it around your tool. This should be tight, and you'll need 5 or 6 wraps to make it secure. Make sure to hold down each wrap as you make it. When you're finished, ensure that the wraps are aligned perfectly, with no spaces.

Now, take the end of the backing that had the tag on it and move that between the wraps from behind them and towards the front.

This is where you'll add in your fly line. Insert it into the wraps as well, just like you did with the backing. Next, you'll need to grab both tags and pull in order to remove the knot from your tool.

With the knot off the tool and tightened well, you can cut off the ends of the backing and line where the tags were located. Make sure to do this close to the knot.

At this point, you'll need the spool (or a friend with a pen). Make a hole in the spool and run either the pen or the spool through it. This will keep the spool in place while you get the line onto your reel. Then, begin reeling in with a small amount of tension, pulling the line onto your reel. Do this until the spool is empty.

Is Piscifun Fly Line Suitable For Beginners?

Piscifun is a company that prides itself on offering products you can take fishing with your family. This implies that at some point or another, some angler might be teaching their children to fish as well. We can only assume that the fly lines that Piscifun offers are more likely to add to the experience for beginners than take away.

If you're new to fly fishing and aren't sure about which line to get, definitely try out one of Piscifun's less expensive options. This can help you to start getting a feel for what kind of line you like, and you'll still get some fantastic quality. After that, you'll always have the option to try out Piscifun lines of even better quality.

Can I Trust On The Stability Of Piscifun Fly Line?

If there's one thing to be picked up from what customers have to say about Piscifun lines, it's that they are definitely strong enough to handle just about anything you can throw at them. That said, don't just grab any line and expect it to work for any fish, regardless of what brand that line may be. That's just going to lead to a lot of lost catches.

Instead, take the time to think about the kind of fish you want to catch. How much do those fish tend to weigh? How large are they? Are they known for fighting back? Take all of these variables into consideration and locate a line that is going to be suitable for them. Most of the time, available lines will include the situations or fish they work well for.

Piscifun Vs KastKing

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to selecting the perfect fishing products. One of those includes finding that brand that will give you what you need at the best possible price. Many who are interested in fly fishing find themselves trapped in deciding between Piscifun and KastKing.

While both brands definitely have a lot to offer, Piscifun tends to overpower KastKing when it comes to the overall look and performance of the pole. A Piscifun pole will often look a lot more expensive than it actually was, and it will handle that way too. Meanwhile, KastKing poles tend to be better options for those who fish as a hobby a few times a year.

Best Piscifun Products

Now that you know more about the Piscifun brand, you might be wondering what some of their top products are. We've got that for you as well! Below, you'll find a few of the top Piscifun fishing lines, fly reels, and even fishing poles. They're sure to make your fishing trip complete!

Best Piscifun Fishing Line

When you need a fishing line that is strong and reliable, Piscifun is a great way to go. These fishing lines are ideal for catching larger fish. Take a look at these top-rated lines to find the perfect addition to your fishing trips.

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Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with Welded Loop WF5wt 100FT Sky Blue

Piscifun Braided Fly Fishing Backing Line 20LB 100yds Orange

Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line Green 40lb 300yards

Sword Fishing Line

If you're looking for a line designed to float just perfectly, the sword fishing line made by Piscifun is a top choice. As the name implies, it's a prime choice for sword fishing. This option is made for easy casting, allowing you to get your bait in and out of the water with ease.

You'll also be able to rely on this line to provide the utmost strength. The core within it is braided to ensure that it's able to hold more weight than many of the more common fishing line options out there. When you purchase this line, you'll get between 90 and 100ft, meaning there's more than enough for several fishing trips.

Flourescent Braided Line

Those who are looking for something they can keep track of, this is the option for you. The combination of materials made to use this line allows it to be smooth enough to reel in easily while strong enough to handle even the larger fish. There are also three colors to choose from, all quite highly visible.

This is also a prime choice for those looking for precise casting. Because there is very little stretch to the line, it's one that you can rely on for easy casting and the ability to bring in any fish you want. On top of that, it strives to avoid friction, so you won't need to worry about your pole wearing down.

Lunker Braided Line

If you're seeking out power and strength, this is the line for you. Due to the combination of a braided core and P.E. Fiber, this is a line that is resistant to abrasion. The durable nature means you can rely on it while catching large fish, as you'll know that it's not going to break while you're getting that picture-worthy catch.

This is another line with no stretch, allowing it to cast well and move through the water without a problem. Furthermore, it creates less fiction on your pole so you can rely on that to last for the long term as well.

Best Piscifun Fly Reel

No matter how good your line is, you'll still need a quality fly reel for the perfect cast. These reels are designed to be strong, capable, and they all look like they might as well be worth hundreds of dollars. With these reels, you can fish in style, knowing that you can reel in any catch.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5/6 Gunmetal

Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reels with Cork/Teflon Disc Drag System 5 6 wt Blue

Piscifun Blaze Mid Arbor Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 7/8 Sapphire Blue

Piscifun Platte Fully Sealed Drag Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 7/8 Gunmetal

Piscifun Crest Fully Sealed Drag Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel Saltwater CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Fly Reel 9/10 Green

Sword Fly Reel

Strength is something that is incredibly important in the ideal fly reel. This is something you can often rely on in Piscifun thanks to their cold-forging technique. This allows the reel to be stronger, more durable, and more likely to last for the long term.

Additionally, many are seeking a smooth drag. It helps to get your fish in more easily and ensures you aren't using up all your strength on a single fish. This specific reel comes in four different colors and includes an extra spool to make sure you can use it as long as you need.

Aoka Fly Reel

Another fantastic option is the Aoka fly reel, which is designed more for those who want to stick with the reliable Piscifun brand, but are working on a tighter budget. You certainly wouldn't be able to tell that this is a budget-level reel just by looking at it!

With this reel, you'll get a drag that is pleasantly smooth and line memory that is vastly decreased when compared to some of the more standard options out there. Furthermore, Piscifun offers a warranty period of 3 years with the reel, so you can rely on it to last at least that long!

Blaze Fly Reel

While many of the Piscifun fly reels might look quite similar, you'll find that each does offer something a little different when it comes to the actual results. With the Blaze reel, that particular thing is a whole lot of versatility.

This is a reel that can function well in just about any setting. Whether you're fishing in a creek, lake, stream, or river, you'll have everything you need for the perfect cast and catch. It's also going to be able to help you with catching a wide variety of fish!

Platte Fly Reel

In some cases, you may find that you want to be able to adjust the smoothness of your drag quickly and easily. The Platte Reel allows you to be able to do that even while you actually have a fish on the line. Using the adjustable drag, you can change up the smoothness to match the needs of the fish in order to catch it more easily.

Furthermore, you can expect a whole lot of durability from this reel. Not only is it hard-anodized to create a more durable product, but the drag is also sealed. That way, you won't need to worry about any debris getting in there!

Crest Fly Reel

The Crest is another great reel that allows you to change up your drag even while you're in the middle of catching a fish. This is a great way to tailor the drag to the size and nature of the fish you're catching. It can really make things a lot easier!

As you can expect from Piscifun reels, this is a lightweight model that includes a whole lot of strength. You can rely on it to keep debris out of the drag, handle a variety of fish sizes, and provide you with long-lasting results with just a small amount of maintenance.

Best Piscifun Fishing Rod

The perfect fishing rod isn't always easy to come by, but these rods from Piscifun may be just what you need for a perfect fishing trip every time. They feature durable designs, smooth casts, and comfortable grips. Make sure to take a look!

Piscifun Torrent II Baitcasting Rod Portable Two Piece Casting Rod Fast Action Baitcast Rod Baitcaster (7'MH)

Piscifun Graphite Fly Fishing Rod 4 Piece 9ft - IM7 Carbon Fiber Blank - Accurate Placement - Ingenious Design - Chromed Guide and Durable Rod Tube 9wt

Piscifun Serpent One Piece Casting Rod Fuji Line Guides IM7 Carbon Blank Baitcasting Fishing Rods (7'9" Medium Heavy 1pc)

Piscifun Elite Fishing Rod - One Piece Spinning Rod, Lightweight, Sensitive, Strong 7' Medium Heavy Spinning Rods

Piscifun Galaxy Baitcasting Rod - One Piece Casting Rod, Cork Handle, Lightweight, High Performance 7' Medium Heavy Baitcaster Rods

Torrent II

A medium heavy rod is often a great way to go when you want a bit more versatility, and the Torrent II can provide exactly that. This great fishing rod is made to provide a lot of durability while remaining sensitive to the bites of fish.

Furthermore, it's made with a comfortable handle, so no matter how hard you have to grip it, your hands won't get too tired. This is also an option that is made for easy casting, allowing you to get the ideal cast every time.

Graphite Sword

For those who want something they can easily travel with, the Graphite Sword rod is a perfect choice. It's able to break down into 4 pieces so that packing it along on any journey is incredibly easy. Much like other Piscifun rods, this one is made for durability and sensitivity.

There's also a lot of versatility to be had with this option. You'll be able to choose from cork handles that are either half wells or full wells. On top of that, you get to choose the action speed from slow all the way up to fast, depending on what your needs are.

Serpent Baitcaster

Fishing fans who are seeking the absolute best performance are sure to love the Serpent. This is a fishing rod with a whole lot of capability in an affordable package. It's made to be powerful, durable, and provide a smooth cast every single time.

Additionally, the tip of the rod is made with anti-twist features that keep your line going where it needs to go rather than anywhere else. We all get frustrated when the line ends up wrapped around the pole rather than in the water. With this rod, you won't need to worry about that problem.


The ability to cast well is something most people look for in their fishing poles, and it's what the Elite is great at providing. With line guides made from durable stainless steel, you'll be able to ensure that every cast is perfectly placed without needing a do-over.

You'll also be able to stay comfortable thanks to the foam grips that come on this rod. The weight of the rod won't cause a problem either, since it weighs in at under 4lbs. With this choice, you'll be able to cast well and feel every little nibble from passing fish.

Galaxy Baitcaster

Coming in one solid piece, the Galaxy rod is a choice that serious fisherfolk are sure to enjoy. It offers the line guides that can ensure ideal casting and comfortable cork handles that will keep you comfortable even when you're fishing for hours on end.


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