Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel Review

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Quick Overview





  • Improved durability
  • Has high retrieval rate
  • Has precise gear alignment
  • Reliable anti reverse feature
  • Has balanced and smooth rotor
  • Rust-resistant
  • Has an ergonomic handle


  • Slow for pulling
  • Heavy

Are you a fan of inshore fishing? Then you probably appreciate fishing as a hobby but understands it’s not a simple procedure. It requires great skills, experience, and the use of the best equipment to take your game to the next level. One superb equipment is the Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel. This fishing reel is designed by one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

It’s a fantastic reel that, barring any defect, delivers flawless performance and is highly durable when maintained properly. This open face reel come in eight models (1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 8000) that fall into the medium (5:2:1) to high (6:2:1) gear ratio. Our review will focus on the Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel (model 6000), which is one of the most recent releases.

Features of the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Fluid Cranking with Ball Bearings

The Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel features a great fluid cranking with 5 ball bearings which guarantee a reliable operation. Additionally, the reel has a superb anti-reverse bearing which prevents rotor back play. It helps you to easily set your hook and reel in the catch without interruption.

Rugged Metal Design

This saltwater reel is constructed from highly durable materials which provide extra corrosion resistance. The full metal design helps this device to survive any damage by chemical and spray. Also, its rotor and side plate maintain a proper gear alignment which gives you an advantage when under pressure.

Superior Drag system

This model has the edge over its competition regarding the drag system. The HT100 drag system is incredibly reliable under heavy loads, and it gives you the power and finesse to overcome most of the fighting fish species. This unique system relies on the great drag washers to provide a convenient drag across the whole drag curve. Also, the use of the proprietary grease on the drag washer helps deliver incredible performance.

Superline Spool

Even under pressure, the super line of this reel will not slip thanks to the rubber gasket fitted on the spool.  This rubber gasket makes it easy to use a trimmed line without the monofilament backing. Also, the marked capacity rings help you to see the remaining lines easily.

Anti-Reverse Handle

The bail of the Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel rotates in a manner that helps to avoid snarls. The reverse handle feature is important to anglers since it prevents line slip. It conveniently helps right- and left-handed anglers to subdue fighting fishes. Besides, it prevents your catch from escaping thereby ensuring all your catches are successful.


  • Improved durability
  • Has high retrieval rate
  • Has precise gear alignment
  • Reliable anti reverse feature
  • Has balanced and smooth rotor
  • Constructed from rust-resistant material
  • Has an ergonomic handle


  • Slow for pulling
  • It is heavy

Summary of the Features

This spinning fishing reel has an attractive design and excellent features that make it last longer. It’s made of durable steel which allows for easier maintenance. Its robust build allows for easier alignment of gear when under extreme pressure.

Besides, the super drag system offers drag washer on both sides which help to maximize drag. The use of proprietary grease to treat the drag washer give the device longevity of use. Also, the rubber gasket permits effective slipping for the super line even without backing.


So how does the 6000 model compare to the 5000 model? Taking a closer look at this two Penn Battle model, you realize they exhibit near identical qualities. However, they differ in some of the features.

The BTL-II 500 spinning fishing reel has a techno-balanced rotor for easy retrieval. The reel is suitable for catching a wide variety of fish from catfish to Barracudas. With its all metallic body, this fishing reel is durable, and it guarantees longevity even when used in saltwater. Some of the similar features between these two models include:

  • A front drag constructed from carbon fiber
  • Ergonomic handle and anodized aluminum spools
  • They have similar gear ratio and a high retrieval rate
  • Perfect for both right- and left-handed angler thanks to the convenient handle position
  • They have instant anti-reverse feature.

On the other hand, the BTL-II 6000 reel is larger and bigger than the previous model. This fishing reel features an advanced, techno-balanced TM and is capable of holding up to 390 yards of a 40lb braid. Some of its unique features include:

  • Greater mono capacity
  • Higher retrieve rate at 41
  • It heavier at 22.10 Oz.

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If you love fishing, you will marvel at the reliability and performance guaranteed by the 6000 model of the Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel. Although this model is cheaper compared to the others, it doesn’t compromise on performance and quality.

If you are in the market for a device that will complement your skills and experience, give this fishing reel a serious consideration. With proper maintenance, the reel will continue to give you quality service for a long time.

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