mighty bite lure review

Mighty Bite Lure Review

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Quick Overview






  • Comes with scent sticks
  • Fins can be interchanged
  • Bite marks on the lure make it look wounded
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Highly extensive kit
  • Comes with an instructional DVD


  • Putting it together can be a bit tedious
  • Since they are very small, they can easily become a choking hazard for kids

Are you on the lookout for the perfect set of lures?

In that case, we suggest you check out our Mighty Bite Lure review.

Here, we shed light on this lure's features and also talk about what makes it so special and stand apart from the other lures on the market.

Mighty Bite Lure Review

The Mighty Bite Nano Kit is one of a kind and the world’s first lure that has a baby baitfish design.

This design mimics a wounded baitfish and also appeals to all the five senses of the predatory fish so that you can have a guaranteed catch.

Furthermore, this has been on the market for several years now and has been a favorite to many anglers.

Who Is This Product For?

The Mighty Bite Nano Kit is ideal for anyone who is looking for a new set of lures or wants an upgrade.

These lures have an interesting design that makes it a perfect addition to any fishing kit.

What’s Included?

The Mighty Bite Nano Kit claims to be the first in the world to introduce a wounded baby baitfish lure system.

This is a highly extensive kit that has a lot of things in it.

For starters, there is a set of eight hooked and unhooked lures in two- and three-inch sizes.

There are six scent sticks, eight swimming fins, four tail weights, four rattles, eight weighted and unweighted locking pins, and one jig.

Along with all this, you also get weed guards and an Instructional DVD that helps you learn about how to use these fishing lures correctly.

Overview of Features

The Mighty Bite Nano Kit is an excellent set of lures that will make your fishing trip productive.

By now, we are sure that this fishing kit has intrigued you, but we are not done yet.

Now, we will discuss this fishing lure’s top features.

  • Lifelike Design

Since the unique selling proposition of this product is the world’s first baby baitfish lure, the company has truly put in a lot of effort into the design of these lures.

All of these lures have a baby baitfish lifelike 3D hologram design.

These lifelike details include the highly incredible and realistic eyes that are meant to entice the predator fish.

This isn’t something you would expect in a lure so small.

What’s also interesting about its design is the bite mark; each lure comes with a red bite mark to give it a bloody appearance.

This is majorly meant to give the fish a wounded look.

  • Size

All of the lures measure two inches, and with the hook, they measure an inch extra.

  • Compatibility

They have an interesting color, too, which makes it attractive to predator fish.

These small lures are excellent for freshwater trout, crappie, panfish, and bass, as well as for tricking saltwater fishes like the bonito, bonefish, bottom fish, and snapper.

In addition, the spastic element, which is known famously from this product, has the ability to mimic a similar action to that of a wounded baitfish.

  • Package Inclusion

This product is an excellent value for money since you are getting a lot of things with your purchase.

In addition to the lures, you also get an instructional DVD that is particularly helpful for new anglers to understand their lures better.

  • Appealing to All Five Senses

The main selling point of this product is that its design is meant to appeal to all of the five senses of the predatory fish, which includes the feel, taste, sight, smell, and sound.

This becomes very clear with the lures scent sticks.

These sticks are meant to attract all of the predatory fish by making use of a power scent trail.

This works well in cloudy as well as turbulent waters.

If that’s not enough, these sticks give out a blast of flavor the second a fish bites down on it, which makes the catch hold on to the lure for a longer time.

This is particularly helpful for a new angler as they may not know how to reel the fish once they have caught it.

These extra few seconds, thanks to the lure, helps the angler reel it in.

  • Interchangeable Fins

All of these fishing lures come with interchangeable fins.

This means that with the bigger fins, it will let the fishing tool slide slowly to the bottom, gliding at an angle.

This makes the lure trick the predator fish into thinking that the lure is a real fish swimming on its own.

If you are looking to reach the bottom of the water faster, then the smaller fins do a great job of doing so.

How to Make the Most Out of the Mighty Bite Nano Kit

The Mighty Bite Nano Kit is a very interesting set of fishing lures.

We are sure that you must want to know how you can get more out of it.

This is where we recommend you to check out these two videos.

The first video is the original Mighty Bite Nano Kit infomercial that you may have seen on your television.

This second video shows the lures in action and how well they work.


While the whole baby baitfish lure is an interesting concept, it can be dangerous if you have small children as it can become a choking hazard.

This is where we recommend that you check out the Crankbait Building Kit by the MuddyBros.

This kit allows you to customize the appearance, action, and the running depth of the lures.

There are 20 quality lures in this kit, along with 72 self-adhesive decals.

You also have the option to paint your own pattern on them.

Best of all, these are sized perfectly where they aren’t a choking hazard for children.


We are certain that our Mighty Bite Lure review has listed all the essential information necessary for you to decide whether this is a perfect lure set for you or not.

This is a one-of-a-kind lure kit that makes catching fish a bit easier.

If you are a new angler, this is indeed an ideal set of lures for you.

Aside from lures, you might also want to invest in the best fishing accessories.

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