livingston lures review

Livingston Lures Review

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Quick Overview






  • Small and lightweight
  • Beautifully and smartly designed
  • Sharp hooks
  • Can be used with ease
  • Comes with EBS technology


  • Available in just a pack of one

What does a good fishing lure look like? This is something that can be quite tough to answer.

What’s for sure is that the best fishing lure must come from a brand that truly knows what it is to be an angler and also understands how well a lure should work every single time.

Keeping that in mind, we tried finding one of the best fishing lures on the market for you, and that is the Livingston Lures 0135 Pro Ripper Fishing Tackle.

We will do an in-depth Livingston Lures review so that you can make an informed decision before buying it.

Livingston Lures Review

With the right fishing tackle, your chances of catching the fish you are looking for go significantly higher.

The Livingston Lures 0135 Pro Ripper Fishing Tackle is an ideal lure for any angler who is looking to make the most out of their fishing trip.

The company has put in a lot of time and effort into this lure’s design and features.

You are assured that this will be a great addition to your fishing kit because it comes from an excellent brand that is known for its amazing fishing lures all over North America.

Livingston Lures is considered to be the top choice of the anglers who are looking to fill in their boat with a ton of fish.

They become an instant advantage for almost any angler.

The company’s team comprises of four professional and award-winning anglers who absolutely love fishing and share the same passion as you.

Together, these four men have competed in over 200 tournaments.

It gets very clear when you use their fishing lures that their fantastic expertise has gone into that lure.

Who Is This Product For?

The Livingston Pro Ripper is for any angler who is looking for excellent quality and a phenomenal performance from their fishing lures.

Its color is also another great factor of why this lure works so well and why you need this to be a part of your fishing kit.

With that said, one of the main reasons why you would want this fishing lure is because it comes from a highly established brand with years of experience.

You can be assured that your fishing lure will not disappoint you when you toss it in the water.

What’s Included?

Upon buying the Livingston Lures 0135 Pro Ripper Fishing Tackle, you receive the tackle alone in good and safe packaging.

All the parts are already attached, so you won’t have to waste any time of yours to assemble the product.

Simply take it out from its packaging, and start using the lure.

Overview of Features

At first glance, you would assume that this small fishing lure will come with minimum features; however, this isn’t any ordinary fishing lure.

Livingston Lures has put a lot of thought into all of their fishing lures, which is why they are such a favorite for so many anglers.

The Livingston Lures 0135 Pro Ripper Fishing Tackle has not only excellent design but also a smart one that does a great job of catching fish.

Let us discuss some of its top features in detail below.

  • Design

The Livingston Lures 0135 Pro Ripper Fishing Tackle is a true bream fishing tackle.

It has an attractive yellowish-green color , just like the actual fish, along with maroon stripes to give it a feel that it is wounded.

The lures have realistic eyes to entice the fish further, as well as hooks on the bottom and tail-end of the lure.

These hooks may be tiny in size, but they are very sharp and will immediately hook on to the fish once they catch the bait.

In terms of its size, the lure is quite small at just two inches, including the hooks; it weighs only about half an ounce.

This design makes this lure perfect for almost any stained water and can be used in most weather conditions.

  • EBS

One of the best features of this lure is the EBS (Electronic Baitfish Sounds) that it produces.

This technology is based on the natural and instinctive feeding enticements of the fish.

This is more than mere vibrations and sight that most traditional lures have used since the creation of fishing lures.

The addition of the natural sounds made up of vibrations, along with the real sound that the baitfish make, make this lure work better.

This EBS technology gets activated at the right decibel and frequency the second you submerge the lure into the water.

If you are curious to know what this sounds like, you can simply visit the company’s website, where they have provided a sample of this sound.

This sound will automatically turn off the moment it is out of the water.

These sounds are a replication of the natural sounds that are obtained from research programs and universal studies.

All of these are then embedded on the smart chip that is located on the internal sound chamber of every lure.

How to Use This Lure

Are you interested in knowing how to use this fishing lure and want to see it in action?

We suggest that you take a look at this video of Livingston Lures Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbaits released by the company themselves.


The Livingston Lure is a fantastic product that will work well underwater, but it is sold as a pack of one only.

If you are interested in buying a pack of good fishing lures, you can try the Plusinno Fishing Lures.

In addition to coming from a reputed brand, the lures come in a pack of four.

Each of these lures has the same design but in very different colors.

While this lure does not feature EBS like the Livingston Lure, it does come with an in-built gravity ball that makes some sound to attract fishes towards it.


We hope that this Livingston Lures review has proven to be useful and has helped you understand the lure better.

It is clear that this lure has some amazing features that will make catching fish not only fun but also a piece of cake.

We highly recommend that you pick this lure up.

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