KastKing Monofilament Fishing Line

KastKing Monofilament Fishing Line Review

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Quick Overview





  • High sensitivity
  • Low line memory
  • Low absorption for quicker line retrieval


  • Somewhat stiff; can be hard to handle for some

Walking into the fishing section of a sporting goods store can be more than a little bit overwhelming. There are just so many different options available. Especially for someone who is new to the sport, it can be difficult to make sense of things. This is even more apparent when you try to figure out the best type of fishing line to go with.

We are here to help. We have put together a review of Kastking monofilament fishing line to enable you to understand why it is worth a buy.

Generally speaking, monofilament fishing lines will be more than adequate for your average day-to-day fishing needs. However, even when you narrow your choices down to monofilament lines, there are still a ton of options to choose from.

Not to worry though as we’ve put dozens upon dozens of fishing lines to the test to find the best of the best. Today we’ll be offering our complete review of KastKing’s monofilament superior fishing line. Read on to find out our verdict.

KastKing Monofilament Superior Fishing Line

KastKing has a pretty stellar reputation as a company when it comes to their fishing products. Their monofilament superior fishing line won’t be changing that trend anytime soon as it is easily one of the better lines that we’ve tested. It does so many things right that it’s easy to look past the few (relatively minor) flaws that it does have, like the fact that it’s just a little bit stiffer than some other monofilament lines out there.

Who is this product for?

As with any monofilament fishing line, this product is best suited for fishing enthusiasts who are mostly looking for a general all-purpose line. Monofilament is quite flexible, making it easy to handle, while also making for an excellent user-friendly option for beginners.

What’s included?

The only thing included with your purchase of KastKing’s Monofilament Superior Fishing Line will be a single spool of monofilament line. However, KastKing offers the line in a variety of different size (300-600 yds. and 4-30 lbs.) and color options. They most likely have an option that will suit your fishing needs.

Overview of features

The first thing that most people will notice when they pick up KastKing’s monofilament superior fishing line is their unique paralleled roll track design, which means your line will never sink into the spool and this results in less spool memory.

The line is also incredibly soft and supple, making it super easy to tie a variety of knots. This softness also has the added benefit of giving your lures and baits a nice vivid motion. On top of that, casting is also a breeze as the line is silky smooth.

You’ll also be fine if you ever find yourself fishing in an area that has heavier amounts of cover thanks to the high amount of abrasion resistance that the line offers. We were actually quite impressed by the amount of resistance that it does actually provide — it is quite comparable to some braided fishing lines that we’ve tested.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fishing Line

Getting the most out of KastKing’s monofilament line is actually as straightforward as possible. That’s the great thing about fishing products that do what they set out to do. Whether you’re a fishing novice or your earliest memory involves catching fish, this monofilament line will be more than adequate to meet your needs.

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More often than not, a quality monofilament fishing line like this one will be all you need to enjoy a successful fishing outing in a variety of different scenarios. However, should you find yourself needing something a little more heavy duty for tackling larger species of fish, we would strongly recommend going with a good braided fishing line. Something like JSHANMEI's 100% PE braided fishing line would be perfect for such an outing.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a solid fluorocarbon line, then we would instead recommend going with an option like Sunline 's Basice FC fluorocarbon fishing line.

As a matter of fact, it’s probably more than worth your while to pick up one of each type of fishing line to cover all of your bases so that you’re prepared for any scenario that comes up.

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With so many different monofilament fishing lines available to you, it’s not always easy to decipher which ones are quality options and which ones are duds. You can rest assured that if you go with KastKing’s monofilament superior fishing line that you’re getting one of the best monofilament lines that we’ve ever tried, and believe me, we’ve tried a lot.

This line (like most KastKing products to be honest) is an easy recommendation to make for fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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