How To Use A Fishing Reel

How To Use A Fishing Reel

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Buying a fishing rod and reel may give you the confidence that now you have enough equipment for fishing, but it is necessary that you know how to properly use it as well. Even the best fishing reels won’t work if you do not know how to use a fishing reel properly.

If you do not educate yourself about how to use a fishing reel, then it can turn into a useless piece of equipment for you. You need to learn about it even before purchasing it so that you have an idea if you will be able to comprehend it or not.

Once you have acquired one, it is advisable that you take time to study the manual to learn how to use and take care of it properly. You might also want to practice and see how it works before even taking it out on its first real fishing trip. Find an open place where you can take the equipment and start your practice, prefer it to be grassy so you can sit hassle-free.

How to Use a Fishing Reel: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to assemble all the equipment with the help of instructions, which can be found in the box. Plug in the hooks where needed and then knot the clinch. You have to set the drag first, so you are able to throw it far.
  2.  Now, hold the rod firmly and then release the reel on the rod. Keep the reel in between your fingers so that it does not slip out, which also keeps the rod balanced. It would not feel heavy when the rod catches a fish if you keep it held securely in your fingers rather than the palm.
  3. Pull the reel towards yourself about five inches so that it can hang on the top. You have to turn it slowly to avoid any accident wherein the rod may hit you or those near you.The roller should be under your fingers so that you are able to control it.
  4. Crook the fingers and hold the roller tightly under the line and make sure it is not slipping.
  5. Now, use your free hand and open the bail with it. Hit the rod on the target and bring it up slowly and carefully. You have to keep the motion smooth so that it comes up on the vertical side.

You also have to make sure that it has flex in between the rod so that the balance is consistent for the entire time. The movement will remain slow and steady all throughout so make sure you exercise a bit beforehand so as not to cause any unnecessary injury to your arm.

The rod also needs to be at a safe distance from your shoulder to prevent any accident. The material of rod is made of metal, which can cause minor injuries when it accidentally hit your shoulder, so make sure to keep it securely far from your body.

When the rod comes upwards on your target, you have to let go of the line so that it luresthe fish and lets you know about the timing. When you let the index finger hold it firmly, then it will not go off-balance. Even the best fishing reels in the market can be a challenge to operate when the user has no idea to use it correctly.


Before reaching the end, you need to know that there will be some problems when you are operating the fishing reelfor the first time. However, do not get confused nor panic.

When the rod goes up in the air, make sure you release it slowly and do not rush for it to come back down. The release of the line needs to be slow and steady so as not to cause any damage to the equipment.

If any of the things crash, then release the line immediately so that it does not break or cause any further damage to the equipment.


The final call for the fishing reel will be that you have to enjoy your time while reeling, but also have to know the rules. Every sport or hobby has its own standards, which need to be followed for your own safety so make sure that you follow them religiously. Additionally, do not get nervous while using the fishing reel and remember that a lot of practice will make you better in time.

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