How To Oil A Fishing Reel

How To Oil A Fishing Reel

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If fishing is your hobby, then you need to know how to keep the maintenance of fishing reel so that it keeps on running smoothly for you. A fishing reel is made of a metal material which is why it is necessary to oil them to keep up with their high performance. There are simple steps which you need to perform to keep fishing reel hassle-free for you. These will guide you through the procedure of how to oil a fishing reelin the easiest way so you can comprehend easily.

Here you will be able to learn how to oil a fishing reelin order.

How to Oil a Fishing Reel: The Steps


  • Flathead screwdriver (small)


  • Metal cleaning oil – 1


  • Cotton swabs
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Rags


  1. First of all, you have to remove the spool from the reel with turning its knob. Do it clockwise, and it will be easier. Next, push the button, and it will release the rear drag spool which will open up the inside part of the reel.
  2. Now look for the damage into the spool. Consider doing this in a well-lit area, so you are able to inspect the damage around the spool lip. When the spool lips are damaged, it makes the fishing reel tough for you to fish.
  3. Now rub the cotton swabs by dipping into the alcohol and clean the exterior part. Clean off the oil which was in excess and remove any debris. If you get these reels cleaned by someone else outside, it will be costly so prefer to do it on your own.
  4. Now clean the line of the assembly with the cotton swab. Push it inside where it needs to be to clean internally. If there is rust, rub more alcohol with the cotton swab and prefer to push it outwards.
  5. Now comes the oiling part where you have to oil the roller of the assembly which makes the reel move. It is better that you perform the oiling task often so that the line rolls smoothly for you. It keeps away the rust along with keeping the debris off the reel.
  6. Now drive the oil into the gear bearing which is visible and helps the handle move. There are different kinds of reels so if there are more than one gear bearing then consider to oil all of them.
  7. Add one drop of oil into the reels which helps it to stay greasy and rolling. There will be no tear or rust when you add just one drop on it.
  8. Oil the arm of the reel for smooth operation and clean it with a cloth to avoid any grease on the reel further.
  9. Keep it aside for 30 minutes so that it can all absorb the oil and then it is ready to use.


If you have a fishing partner, then it is better that you schedule a timing for cleaning the equipment before planning to fish, this way you will not get bored and get your work done as well.


Oiling makes even the best fishing reels perform high, and there are more chances of it surviving for a long time. You will not need to purchase another reel any sooner if you work on the maintenance by just taking out 20 minutes every weekend.

If you are fond of fishing habit, then it is necessary to perform these tasks with complete responsibility so you can enjoy your relaxing time.

The benefit of oiling reel is that it will run smoothly without any interruption for you to catch fish. Cleaning the rust out of it makes it long lasting for you so you can easily pick the reel and get started right away.


You have to be smart when you have developed a habit of fishing because it requires complete attention while fishing and you also need to be careful with the equipment, especially if it is one of the best fishing reels money can buy. Once you know how to use the equipment properly, then there is no danger for you, and you would automatically want to spend some time in making sure that everything is perfect before you go for fishing on your favorite lake.

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