How to Choose a Fishing Reel

How to Choose a Fishing Reel

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Are you planning on investing in a fishing reel? When buying a technical equipment that requires training and effort to use properly, it is always advisable to research about it first. It can be a challenge for you to purchase a fishing reel especially when you are not well-informed on how to choose a fishing reel that’s made for your goals. You have to choose the right reel because the fishing rod depends on it.

There are a significant number of the best fishing reels that are available in the market today. However, purchasing a suitable fishing reel depends on your target species and the location you are planning to use it. The price range may also vary accordingly depending upon the functions, features, styles, and warranty offered.

Fishing Reel Types: How to Choose a Fishing Reel

There are four different types of fishing reels that offer various functions and features. These are considered to be among the best fishing reels that you can find in stores today. To become a well-informed buyer, go over this list to familiarize yourself with the different types of fishing reels and what each one offers.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels refer to the whipping action of the fishing reel. It is considered as one of the most versatile reels of all. It holds the line tightly with wrapping the spool, providing you with the ability  to make the spin without any trouble. The line needs to be pinched to keep it tight, and when it reaches the highest point, then you have to release it.

When the bail returns back, it works for the retrieval point. The most preferred spinning reels come in the numbers of thousands such as 2500 and more which are considered by the consumers mostly for excellent quality.

Baitcasting Reels

These are designed for the purpose of casting baits using specific rods with different anglers. It makes complicated tangles with the reels which master on the top. You have to keep the palm low while operating the baitcasting reels while breaming them slowly.

It boasts a lot of capacity to hold the long runs with rolling the reels back smoothly. It has a braking system, which helps you adjust the spool as you keep on playing with the fishing. Baitcasting reels also rotate the spool, and you can learn different techniques to spool with your thumb as well.

Overhead Reels

These are designed for the rod which is referred to as overhead. They are a lure and works for long casting. You can use it when you are in a boat, and it can help you catch fish easily. You have to control the line and spool side-by-side with the overhead reels.

Overhead and bait casting reels are somewhat similar in design, but their functions differ. Basically, the design of overhead reels is underrated when compared to baitcasting reels, which is more advanced.

Fly Reels

These are made specifically for the fly rods. The design of this reel is very simple, but it is modern in operation. It has a disc drag system, which catches the fish from afar and brings it closer to complete consistency.

Fly reels also have a lot of resistance, and the friction drag is amazing from this reel. It provides real action when you are stripping the spool. Fly reels are lightweight, which make it the perfect choice for fishing farther than your current spot.


You have to maintain the balance while you are using the fishing rod along with handling the fishing reel. It is hard to choose one but by looking at your convenience, choose one which you can use for a long time. Each reel has its own specifications and features, which may work differently for everyone.

When you are able to handle the size of fishing rod and the reels, you have to make sure that proper cleaning is done after every use. It would be obvious that you would be tired but it keeps the maintenance of the equipment, and you are able to use it for a long time in future too.

How to Choose a Fishing Reel: The Verdict

Now that we have gone over the different types of fishing reels, the question still remains: how to choose a fishing reel that meets your specific needs?

If you are just starting out, the best choice would be the spinning reel. This advanced fishing reel is easy to handle and works for everyone. Other types of spinning reels offer a specific function and use.  You will also have to purchase a certain rod for each of the other types of fishing reels in order to use it.

It is also important to consider the type of fish you plan on catching before purchasing any of the aforementioned fishing equipment.

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