How To Cast Surf Fishing Rods

How To Cast Surf Fishing Rods

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Casting a surf fishing rod may seem hard and intimidating, but in all reality, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. So you can achieve the furthest casting distance possible, we are here to teach you how to cast surf fishing rods right now.

How To Cast A Surf Fishing Rod

As long as you have the right technique, casting a surf fishing rod is really not all that hard. Sure, it takes a bit of practice and experience to get it right, but with out step by step guide, it should be easy to master in just a few tries. Let’s explain how to cast surf fishing rods in an easy way right now.

  • Prepare your surf fishing rod, which means getting the right line and lure for what you are doing. Remember match the weight of the line and lure not only to the rod you are using, but also to the fish you are going for. Something to keep in mind here is that relatively heavy lures, especially when compared to the weight of the line, will fly faster and further.
  • Now, what you want to do, after having prepared everything, is to make sure that the lure and hook on the front of the line has about 2 feet of slack. You want there to be some slack between the tip of the fishing rod and the lure, which is going to help generate some good momentum when you go to cast the surf fishing rod.
  • On a side note, make sure that nobody is standing behind you when you go to cast, and make sure that there are no bushes, trees, or other obstacles behind you that you may get the hook caught on. Something else that you should keep in mind here is that if at all possible, don’t cast into the wind. Casting into the wind will do nothing but decrease casting distance and will most likely cause your line to get tangled real bad.
  • Now it is time to start your cast. For this, you need to be holding the surf fishing rod with both hands. If you are right handed, this means holding the rod with your left hand on the handle and your right hand slightly above the reel. You want to have your right hand slightly above the reel so you can use your thumb and index finger to hold the fishing line tightly against the rod. Remember, holding the line before and during your cast is essential to this technique.
  • Using your left hand, flip the bail to the open position, which means that it will allow line to come off it, which you obviously need to cast your surf fishing rod. Remember to use that right index finger and thumb to hold the line in place so it doesn’t come off the reel and get tangled before you make the actual cast.
How To Cast Surf Fishing Rods

  • Now, stand at the edge of the water, slightly sideways, with your left foot closer to the water. If you are left handed, stand with your right foot closer to the water.
  • Hold the rod up vertically in the air, dip the rod slightly towards the water so the hook swings forward, and then right after, swing the rod backwards. This will generate good momentum for the lure to fly far. AS you swing the lure, turn your body away from the water slightly.
  • When the line and sinker are more or less horizontal in the air behind you, push down with your left hand and push forward with your right hand, while at the same time releasing the line that you have been holding with your thumb and index finger. Be sure to release the line right when you get to the apex of the cast, when the forward momentum of the rod is at its highest. The later your let go, to a certain point, the further the lure will cast.
  • Keep the rod pointed in the same direction of the cast until the lure hits the water. Now, what you do from here on out depends on the style of fishing you are doing. If you plan on using topwater lures, as soon as the lure hits the water, reel in some line to remove all slack, or if you are using a lure for deep water fishing, let it sink for a while before you begin reeling it in.


As you can see, casting surf fishing rods is really no different than casting a normal spinning rod. It’s a pretty simple technique that everyone should be able to master in a limited amount of time. Just remember to get the right line, rod, and lure, and be sure to know what kind of prey you are fishing for.

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