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Best Lure for Bass in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Choosing and collecting lures for bass fishing brings the same excitement as when you are catching it.

How do you know which is the best lure for bass fishing? What are the things that you need to look for when selecting one?

If you don't have any idea about what you are really looking for and just pick out anything that catches your fancy, you will be hoarding lures in no time without realizing it.

Having so many lure choices can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you are on a tight budget.

One of the things that most anglers look for in a fishing lure is its versatility, so they don't need to use a different bait based on the season and what body of water they are fishing in.

Best Lure for Bass 

Comparison Chart

LotFancy Fishing Lures

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

Rapala Rattlin Fishing Lures

PLUSINNO Fishing Lures

wLure Fishing Lures

Best Lure for Bass Reviews

1. LotFancy Fishing Lures

Some lures have more than one hook, and these hooks are the ones that catch the fish when they go near it.

If you are catching fish using your hands, then you have to use a lure that you can attach to a spear so that you can directly pierce the fish with it.

Most of the time, fishing lines have a lure attached to it, having a specific type of hook suitable to your surroundings.

Product Highlights

Fishing lures are artificial fishing bait and an essential tool in fishing to attract the fish using vibration, color, movement, and flash.

Here are what you’d expect from this set from LotFancy:

  • 30 Pieces Fishing Lures

The pack contains 30 assorted fishing lures, so you don't have to worry about not attracting and catching any fish.

With this, you get multiple types of baits that you can try in a single fishing expedition.

  • High-Quality Materials

Each fishing bait has two sharp and durable stainless steel hooks, while the body is made of PVC plastic.

  • Assorted Fishing Lures

The pack contains colorful fishing lures like minnow, crank, popper, and VIB, which can attract saltwater and freshwater fish such as trout, bass, walleye, salmon, and more.

  • Built-In Gravity Ball

There's a built-in gravity ball in each fishing bait, which helps in increasing the throw distance of the fishing line.

At the same time, it makes a low-frequency rattling noise to attract fish.

  • Varied Sizes

The baits, without the hooks, have different sizes, ranging from one and 57 inches to three and 66 inches.

Each hook weighs three to eight grams, which are also a factor in catching different kinds of fishes.

What We Like

This pack is perfect if you are a new angler and just starting to fish because you will be equipped with different fishing lures once you go out in the water.

It is also great for experienced anglers who like to catch various kinds of fish in different water conditions as they can easily choose what they need for a particular situation.

Each bait is created with realistic eyes and precise body details that are sure to attract various fish.

The fishing baits are individually wrapped and come in a box, making it easy to organize and carry along when you go out fishing.

The fishing lures are designed to move like a real bait and have sharp and realistic colors to attract fish better.

All the lures are ready to use out of the box and are also reusable, making them cost-effective and environment-friendly.

What We Don't Like

The hooks are a bit soft that some fish can straighten it out; you will need to replace some of the hooks if you will use the bait for catching big fish.

All the fishing lures can be used straight from the box but may also need some tuning before you get it to move correctly.

The size and weight of the fishing lures are quite small and lightweight for some professional anglers.


  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Equipped with split ring
  • Effective
  • Affordable


  • Low-quality construction
  • Brittle hooks
  • Small and lightweight

2. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

If you like fishing large-sized fish like bass, then a swimbait fishing lure that can move freely is what you need.

TRUSCEND fishing lures offer three-piece, multi-jointed swimbaits that have a lifelike and natural movement that swim smoothly like a real fish.

Product Highlights

Versatility and durability are essential for anglers who are into bass catching.

Here’s what you’d get from these fishing lures from TRUSCEND:

  • Lifelike Movement

These fishing lures from TRUSCEND have real-life features, including its 3D eyes that are created to tempt hungry fish with their natural and lifelike movements.

  • Multi-Jointed Bodies

The lures are divided into six sections and are meant to move in a realistic and natural S-shape swimming motion when underwater that looks appealing to other fishes.

  • Precise Body Details

These environment-friendly and reusable fishing lures have colorful and beautifully printed bodies.

They were made using a pearl powder coat finish that imitates the patterns and colors of real bait.

  • Durable Hooks

These fishing lures are fitted with two well-placed sharp treble hooks that are rustproof, durable, and flexible.

  • Multi-Purpose Option

These fishing lures are also great for various types of fish species, water, and weather conditions.

What We Like

Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, you will surely enjoy using these TRUSCEND versatile fishing lures.

You can also buy these lures in singles or packs of three, so you have an extra bait to keep in your tackle box.

These are also available in soft or hard varieties.

The lures sink fast and can go as deep as three to five feet underwater, and you have the option to add a split shot if you want to go deeper.

What We Don't Like

Sometimes, the lures won't move because it's not compatible with the fishing line or how it is reeled.

As such, some anglers have to test different fishing lines and techniques to make it work.


  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Intricate features
  • Lifelike design
  • Flexible


  • No swimming action
  • Low-quality construction

3. Rapala Rattlin Fishing Lures

The sound that these fishing lures make, combined with its wobbly movement, can make a fish curious and will make it go where the sound is coming from.

However you reel the lure in, it will still make a sound that will entice the fish to go near it.

Product Highlights

These noisy fishing lures are also equipped with treble hooks, making them ready to use anytime.

Here are other features you’d enjoy from these fishing lures from Rapala.

  • Balanced Design

These Rapala fishing lures have a balanced and lipless design that makes them a versatile bait for any type of surroundings.

  • Rattle Chamber

The crankbait is equipped with a rattle chamber that can create a harmonious frequency that is not disturbing to the fish.

  • Long-Casting

The lure measures 2 x 0.4 x 1 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces, which means you can cast it easily according to the length of the fishing line.

  • Hooks

These fishing lures are fitted with two hooks made of high-quality black nickel that are strategically placed on different parts of the lure's body.

What We Like

The Rapala Rattle Fishing Lures have been calibrated and tested in test tanks to ensure that they will provide the best performance.

The weight of the lure is enough for it to sink as deep as 10 to 15 feet and can cast as long as your fishing line.

With these lures, there's no need for additional sinker or bobber for them to work the way you want them to.

The lure is ready to use straight from the box and is suitable for both beginners and professional anglers.

It is designed to be used for big game fish like bass, crappie, walleye, and the like.

It is made of hard plastic painted from the inside, which is why the paint and details do not fade.

What We Don't Like

It seems that the hooks attached to this lure are not meant for saltwater fishing.

It will quickly rust when exposed to saltwater and would need to be replaced with a new hook.


  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Casts well


  • Rusts easily
  • Not as described

4. PLUSINNO Fishing Lures

This PLUSINNO spinner lure kit comes in a pack of various sizes and colors and is a sure be a big hit with anglers.

It is also a perfect gift for any occasion for your friends and loved ones.

Product Highlights

PLUSINNO is a well-known fishing brand, so you can be sure to get quality lures from them.

Here’s what this set of fishing lures has to offer:

  • Classic Design

The classic blade shape of the PLUSINNO spinner lures comes in new designs, producing different degrees of movements and flicker just like a small fish or prey.

  • High-Quality Materials

These lures are made of high-quality materials, including brass tube and stamped steel spinner.

These are either painted with bright colors or plated with silver and come in various sizes.

  • Package Inclusion

The set has 16 pieces of assorted spinner lures all neatly packed inside a portable bag for safety and convenience when you go out on a fishing adventure.

All 16 pieces of the PLUSINNO spinner lures come with colorful strike-attractor sleeves and sharp treble hooks.

  • Movement

These spinner lures have a sharp and realistic swimming movement that's hard to resist for the fish.

They spin like a propeller when in motion.

What We Like

The actual lures and the bag look the same as pictured and are both well-made.

It is also applicable for different types of big fish like bass, trout, walleye, pike, and the like.

There's no need to add anything to the lure as it is ready for use once you remove it from the bag.

The lures are designed for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and provide good movement when in the water.

The portable bag is fitted with a clip, so you can easily attach the bag to your belt loop or backpack for easy access.

The clear pouch placed in the center of the bag is a great addition to hold your extra fishing tools and keep it sealed inside.

What We Don't Like

You need to have a hook extractor or small pliers for removing the hook from where it is attached inside the bag.

The treble hooks attached to the spinner are of low-quality and can easily bend.

If you are a professional angler and loves to join a fishing competition, this is not the right lure for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Organized
  • Affordable
  • Effective


  • Weak hooks
  • Hooks rust quickly

5. wLure Fishing Lures

wLure is a China-based online seller that offers affordable fishing tools and accessories to all its customers worldwide.

The company offers a wide selection of quality lures that passed numerous testings and comprehensive quality control procedures.

Product Highlights

Using the right equipment when you go fishing will give you a more enjoyable fishing adventure.

wLure fishing lures are designed to make sure that it will look appealing and attractive to the fish.

  • Design

These fishing lures can effectively attract fish with its beautiful colors and patterns combined with the rattling sound it makes once it hits the water.

  • Sharp Hook

One crucial factor to always check when looking for a lure is a sharp hook to ensure that you get to bring home that big fish.

These fishing lures have treble and eagle claw hooks that offer the sharpness needed for a practical fishing experience.

  • Versatility

The wLure fishing lures are suitable for different water conditions and are more effective in deep waters.

The length of the lures can also make a big difference since it can sink as deep as 12 feet where the big fishes are, providing you with more chances of catching them.

What We Like

Anglers love the sharp hooks attached to the lures as they can catch big fish without a lot of effort.

The rattling sound it produces in the water aids in getting the attention of the fish aside from the realistic look of each bait.

These lures are ready for use, so there's no need to add hooks or other accessories; each lure is already fitted with two hooks.

The set comes packaged in a box, so you can easily keep it organized and conveniently bring it along.

What We Don't Like

There's no option to request a specific lure design since they are pre-packaged in six pieces of lures per set.

Some orders that were delivered were all the same kind and not assorted, as what the advertisement said.

Some lures in the set need fine-tuning and adjustments to work well because they don't move as much as you expect it to.

Also, the included lure box does not have any division, so the lures get tangled.


  • Looks real
  • Durable and rustproof
  • Colorful
  • Affordable
  • Good quality


  • Not as expected
  • Lightweight
  • Low-quality materials

Buyer's Guide

Lures for catching big fish is an essential accessory that should always be in your tackle box.

However, you have to keep in mind that a single lure will not work for all types of fish and water conditions, which is why you need to have an assortment of baits in hand.

There are specific features that you need to check before deciding to buy a particular lure.

Here are some of the things that you have to take note of when it comes to bass fishing needs.

1. Types


This looks like a big letter V with a rubber piece that resembles a bait on one side and some metal spoons fitted on the other side.

This type of lure is suitable for deep waters, as it will nicely sink and glide in the water.

Slowly reel in a big spinnerbait during the winter months, while a smaller one during the warmer weather can be reeled in faster than average.


These are somewhat similar to spinnerbaits, but the rubber piece, the hook, and some little tails are all found on one side of the lure.

You can use these lures around stumps, in grassy spots, and around ledges, as they will still sink in this kind of condition.


These are the most useful among the lures used for bass fishing because you can quickly retrieve it in various types of water.

It looks like a real fish and swims like one when being retrieved, especially in shallow waters.

These lures apply to all types of weather conditions.

Some crankbait versions are also fitted with ball bearings, so it would rattle while retrieving.


These are baits that you put on hooks, like worms and crawfish, along with weights and then jerk as you retrieve to tighten the line.

These are versatile baits that you can use in any depth and type of water anywhere.


These are built to imitate an injured baitfish in colder water; you retrieve it to give the impression that it is about to die so the bass can attack it.

These baits are suitable for both shallow and deep water conditions and whatever season.


These look precisely like the curved part of the spoon and will flutter in the water as you retrieve it.

It is an effective lure for bass and trout that you can use in any depth of water to catch a bigger fish.


These look like a real fish but are separated in different sections and reconnected by a piece of fabric.

They make an actual swimming motion as you retrieve.

There's a swimbait variety that is more straight-bodied and rigid and others that come in one piece only.


These lures are perfect in calm water conditions but may encounter problems in other water conditions.

You can even see the bass as it comes up the surface to attack your bait.

Topwater lures come in three different varieties, such as torpedo, poppers, and frogs, and mice.

  • Torpedo topwater lures look like a submarine that is gliding smoothly on the calm water surface and resembles a swimming fish.
  • Popper topwater lures are designed to make some bubbles and then create a beautiful motion as you jerk it while retrieving.
  • Frogs and mice topwater lures are best used in lakes and ponds with a quiet shore and some algae and trees.

2. Appearance

The appearance of a fishing lure plays an essential role in the effectiveness of your bait since that will be the first thing that your target fish will notice after you drop the line.

You can choose a brightly colored lure or a simple silver-tone with a splash of color on one end; as long as it looks realistic to your target fish, that’s a good choice.

Make sure that your lure is shiny so that you can easily find it underwater, and your target fish will also notice it even if it's in shallow waters.

3. Size

The size of a regular bass lure need not be huge but just enough for the fish to see and take notice of.

The weight should also be just the right heaviness, so it can still follow the natural movement of the water.

The length of the lure would also depend on what kind of water condition you are fishing in.

4. Color

You should not rely on the color of your lure when fishing since fishes are smart and picky and do not bite the same bait color in succession.

When it comes to colors, the best thing to do is to stock on at least three different colors and cast each one to know which works best.

It is also advised to do some research on the area where you plan to fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are lures better than baits?

This question has been asked numerous times, but it's unfair to choose one over the other and say that it is better.

There are different factors to take into consideration before we can say that one option is the better choice since both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Novice anglers are better off using natural baits as it does not need any effort on the part of the fisherman.

They need to hook the bait, drop it in the water, and wait for the fish to bite since the bait is their natural food.

You can gradually move on to using lures after gaining some experience; lures need assistance from the angler to function well.

2. What is the most popular fishing lure?

With the abundance of lures in the market today, it is hard to pick just one favorite.

In the end, it will depend on the type of fish you are trying to catch and where you go fishing.

One of the best all-around fishing lures today is the bass jigs because you can use this lure in all types of weather anywhere.

From the various types of bass jigs, the Arkie jig is the most popular because of its ability to perform different lure techniques like skip, flip, pitch, swim, or even dive deep.

It works best when partnered with a trailer, such as a craw trailer replica or paddle tail swimbait.

It may take practice to master using it, but it's worth the effort once you have learned how to handle one.

3. What colors do bass like?

Most bass anglers do not give much focus on the color of the lure when they are bass fishing.

They first check the mood and location of the fish before they decide what kind of lure they need.

The general rule is to use baits with bright colors in dark and muddy waters while light hues when the water is clear.

4. What is the best time of day to fish for bass?

For those who love to go bass fishing, the best time to go after them is when the sun is not too bright, like early morning or late afternoon.

When the weather is cloudy, or if you will be fishing in muddy waters, it is better to fish around midday.

5. How do you catch bass when not biting?

Professional anglers can confirm that bass fishing is not easy, and most of the time, the fish will not bite.

First off, think clearly and reassess the situation.

Factors like sudden temperature change will make the bass move to a more comfortable spot.

Bass are more likely hiding under thick covers when you are not getting any bite, and that is where you need to focus your attention to and think of ways on how to penetrate their hiding places.

Final Verdict

Bass fishing is fun, but it's not that easy to catch one.

Using the combination of the right tools can make a big difference in your bass fishing experience.

Just make sure that you have an exact idea of what you need and want in a fishing lure and start from there to avoid any confusion.

Along with the best lure for bass, another thing that you need to focus on is the kind of test line you will be using.

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