Best Inshore Spinning Reel

Best Inshore Spinning Reel

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When it comes to fishing, you need the best gear that you can get your hands on. Moreover, you want the best gear possible, but obviously you don’t want to spend a fortune for it. You want the best quality gear you can get without paying an arm and a leg. Well, that’s exactly why we are here today – to help you find the best inshore spinning reel that your money can buy. We have 3 awesome options for you to take a closer look at right now.

Entsport Classic Spinning Reel

In our opinion, this is probably the number one inshore spinning reel out there right now. First off, the Entsport Classic Spinning Reel is about as durable as can be. All of the parts are made with either CNC machined aluminum, high-tensile nylon, stainless steel, or other very strong alloy; it can definitely take a beating. This particular reel has also been specially treated to be resistant to corrosion, making it a great choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

To make sure that the big fish don’t get away, the Entsport Classic Spinning Reel comes with an infinite anti-reverse system, which is very convenient no doubt. To help you get some control over those big fish while reeling them in, this reel also features a really good drag system made of high quality components. The anti-reverse roller bearing on this rod is about as good as we have ever seen. To help out even more, the handle features a flat sided PVC soft foam grip, just to help make things a little more comfortable.

Next, the Entsport Classic Spinning Reel has a gear ratio of 5.2:1, which is pretty good. This, combined with the 7 stainless steel ball bearing system makes retrieval very fast, smooth, and easy. This does also help make sure that you can cast a really far distance with ease. What is really impressive about this rod is that it manages to stay so lightweight, while still being made of durable and rugged components.


  • Extreme durability
  • Salt and freshwater use
  • Very lightweight
  • Good drag system
  • Fairly high gear ratio
  • Good casting and fast retrieval
  • Great anti-reverse feature


  • Spool is small – not a large line capacity

BLISSWILL Spinning Reel

Yet another one of the best inshore spinning reels to get your hands on, the BLISSWILL Spinning Reel can quite a few neat features that we want to talk about. For one, the main shaft is made out of thick copper. In other words, it has a very high level of durability and strength. In fact, it is also corrosion resistant so it can be used in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. The spool is made from CNC machined aluminum, so it is also very tough and rugged.

In terms of durability, the upgraded real seat which the BLISSWILL Spinning Reel comes with can withstand up to 55 pounds of force, which is a lot for this kind of reel. Something else that we really like about this BLISSWILL Spinning Reel is that it comes with an extended casting spool lip. The advantage here is that it stops tangles from happening; it stops the line from twisting and getting fatigued, and it helps to stop line breakage too.

Something else we cannot forget to mention is that the BLISSWILL Spinning Reel comes with an adjustable handle, so it can be used by right and left handed people. Also, the handle has a good grip and padding to make it as comfortable as can be. Not only is the handle lightweight, but the whole BLISSWILL Spinning Reel actually manages to be very lightweight as a whole, which is always a bonus.

To help make reeling in your catch much smoother, this reel comes with a 12+1 BB system, which also helps to increase the distance at which you can cast. The 4.8:1 gear ratio is not the highest out there, but more than good enough for most average-sized fish. If you are fighting a big fish, the upgraded drag system included here definitely does its job.


  • Fairly durable
  • Very strong reel seat
  • Lightweight
  • Good BB system for smooth casting and retrieving
  • Fairly high gear ratio for quick retrieval
  • Upgraded drag system
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and well-padded handle
  • Can be used in salt and freshwater


  • Open skirt may allow dirt to get in
  • Bail may be a little too loose

LeaningTech High Speed Fishing Reel

One of the things that really stands out about the LeaningTech High Speed Fishing Reel is that it is awesome for long distance-casting and for quick retrieval. It features a solid 5.5:1 gear ratio, which allows for far casting and quick hauling too. To make things nice and smooth, this rod comes with a 10 BB + 1 RB system. This helps keep things really smooth and constant, both for casting and reeling in.

To make sure that your fish does not get away, the LeaningTech High Speed Fishing Reel comes with a quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing. The multi-disk Japanese oiled drag washers create a good drag system that allows you to fight those big fish without them getting away. All in all, this particular inshore fishing reel does make life a lot easier.

We also like how the LeaningTech High Speed Fishing Reel is very durable. It features a graphite body with a very high tensile strength, plus it is also corrosion resistant so it can be used in saltwater. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant stainless steel bail wire, the machined two-toned aluminum spool, and the aluminum handle are all very durable as well. When it comes to finding a rugged inshore spinning reel, the LeaningTech High Speed Fishing Reel is one of your best options.


  • Good drag system
  • Great for long casting
  • Quick retrieval
  • High quality components
  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • Great anti-reverse system
  • Good oscillation system
  • Good overall durability
  • Decent equalization system


  • Resistance to corrosion is limited
  • Does not have a large capacity for line


In terms of the best inshore spinning reel, all of the 3 above options are worth keeping in mind. Now it is up to you to figure out what you need.

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