best fishing pole brands

Best Fishing Pole Brands

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Whether you are an experienced angler or a new one in the field, you should always be on the lookout for the best fishing pole brands that you can take out on the water.

After all, only the best fishing pole will ensure that you are making the most out of your time on the water and come back with a bucket full of fresh fish.

Hence, we decided to help you find the best of the best by reviewing some of the top brands that manufacture them.

We will provide you with abundant knowledge on each of these brands and also help you understand how you can find the right fishing pole brand so that you are spending your money wisely.

Without wasting any more time, let us shed some light on these amazing fishing pole brands.

Finding the Right Fishing Pole Brand  

It is no surprise that the market is flooded with several fishing pole brands, and there are many of them that are reputable.

This makes finding the right one for yourself a daunting task.

Because of that reason, we decided to help you understand how you can find the right fishing pole brand by shedding some light on some factors you must consider.

1. Do you fish often?

Let’s begin with the most obvious question you must ask yourself when searching for a fishing pole.

What you answer here will give you a ton of information, and this ultimately helps you make your decision much easier.

For instance, if you are someone who fishes a lot, you would want to put in more money in the rod than you would if you were only going to fish just a handful times in the year.

Another thing that comes into consideration is the rod’s durability.

If you intend to take it out every other week or so, you will need to look for a fishing pole that is durable and can withstand that much use.

Even if you will only fish a couple of times a year, it does not mean that you should look for a flimsy and cheap fishing pole.

Just choose one that fits your budget and comes with the basic features necessary for your fishing trip.

2. Does it fall under your budget?  

Unless you don’t mind spending even over a thousand dollars on your fishing pole, we recommend keeping a decent budget in mind when you shop for fishing poles.

These poles will typically range in a price that goes from affordable to breaking the bank, which means that having a number in mind will be helpful when you are going through countless fishing poles.

3. Do you have ample storage?  

This is something most new anglers tend to forget when shopping for fishing poles.

It is important to keep in mind that the way you store your fishing pole will also determine how long it will last and how well it will perform.

Fishing poles will do so well if they are stored in a place that is dry and clean.

It is essential that the pole is dried off thoroughly after you are done fishing.

While most anglers tend to be tired after a trip and would just throw the pole in the back of their car, we recommend you avoid doing so at all costs.

4. Do you already have brands in mind that you prefer?  

If you are someone who has fished before, you may already have one or two poles with you, and this means that you are aware of how well certain brands function.

It is helpful that you make a short note of the things that you like about the poles you have already used, and also note the things you did not like.

Doing so will help you establish the criteria that you are looking for in your new fishing pole.

If you already have a preferred brand, then we recommend taking a look at the other fishing poles that the same brand has to offer in different styles and sizes.

5. Always do your homework!  

Before settling on a fishing pole, you must do an in-depth review of that particular pole on several different websites, blogs, and even stores.

Make sure all your reviews are coming from reliable sources.

Best Fishing Pole Brands: Brief Reviews  

Now that you have a good understanding of how to select the best fishing pole brands for yourself, it is time we talk about the different fishing pole brands on the market right now.  

best fishing pole brands

1. Wild Water  

Wild Water is an excellent brand that offers a starter kit for new anglers who are in need and on the lookout for fishing materials all from one spot.

This is an American company that takes absolute pride in all of its fishing products being made in America.

All of this company’s products come with a warranty, so you can safely use your fishing gear without the fear of them breaking, and you having to spend more money on it.

One thing, in particular, that we really liked about this brand is that their kits come with high-end fishing gear made from a strong and durable material, such as aluminum, which will make them last for a very long time.

In fact, most of their fishing poles come with die-cast external accessories, such as reel foot and spool, and the interior is made from stainless steel.


  • All their fishing poles come with a carrying case.
  • The rods are made using highly durable materials.
  • If taken care of well, the rod will last for years.
  • The rod will come with a waterproof floating fly box.
  • All of their fishing gears are absolutely worth the money.
  • They have an excellent customer care support team.


  • The reel does tend to fall off the rod.
  • The kit may miss a couple of pieces, but the company replaces them without any hassle.

2. KastKing  

If you visit our website regularly and read our product reviews, you may have often seen the brand KastKing.

This brand’s fishing pole can be purchased with peace of mind, as they offer a hassle-free product guarantee.

For this brand, customer satisfaction always comes first.

KastKing is particularly known for making some of the most affordable fishing poles on the market without sacrificing its quality.

In addition, the brand has a wide range of high-quality fishing accessories that you can add to your collection without spending too much money.

All of this brand’s fishing poles are unique.

They are available in different lengths, which means that you will definitely find a fishing pole that perfectly matches your needs and preferences.


  • The fishing poles are available in a variety of different lengths.
  • All of the poles are sold at a very reasonable price point.
  • The poles are highly responsive to the touch and are lightweight.
  • The fishing poles are ideal for both beginners and advanced anglers.


  • The hook holder is placed at an inconvenient spot on the rod.
  • The hook holder is quite sharp and could snag your hand as you fish.

3. Plussino  

Plussino is yet another amazing fishing brand that offers a wide range of fishing pole and reel combos at an excellent price point.

The brand’s fishing poles are great to be used both in seawater and freshwater.

What’s more, they offer their fishing poles individually or in a whole kit option.

The kit option is ideal for new anglers as they will get the fishing pole along with all the necessary accessories all under one place.

In turn, they won’t need to waste time unnecessarily searching for them individually.

What’s particularly great about this brand’s fishing poles is that they offer a brilliant one-year warranty on it.

In fact, all of their fishing accessories come with a warranty.

We like this brand’s fishing pole and the whole kit because not only is it affordable but also built well and made to last for a long time.

We also like that the pole is extendable, so you can have a full fishing experience and even travel with it peacefully.

These fishing poles are quite lightweight, too, which makes it easy to pack up and travel around with.


  • The fishing pole from this brand is available at a reasonable price.
  • Both beginners and experienced anglers can take advantage of this pole.
  • The brand’s after-sales service and customer care service is phenomenal.
  • The pole can be set up with ease.
  • Most of the poles are extendable, which makes it easy to store and travel around with.
  • The reel is quite smooth.


  • Even though the pole is extendable, over time, it tends to become difficult to retract.
  • The handle could snap off the reel.


There you have it! Those were three of the best brands on the market right now that offer budget-friendly fishing poles.

Each of them comes with their own set of amazing features that will make using it on the water absolutely fun.

We can say with certainty that choosing any one of these fishing poles will last you a long time if they are taken care of well.

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