banjo minnow review

Banjo Minnow Review

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Quick Overview






  • Targets all major game fish
  • Comes with a helpful DVD
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Extremely sharp hooks
  • Has a subtle lifelike appearance
  • Great value for money


  • Stronger fish can rip the lures to shreds

Whether you are looking to fish for the walleye, bass, crappie, or northern pike, your fishing trip will be rather unsuccessful if you don’t have the right kind of fishing gear.

One of the most important but understated parts of the fishing gear is the fishing lure.

New anglers tend to cut costs by buying low-quality lures that do a terrible job.

To save you from that, we found a fantastic set of fishing lures that work great in the water.

Our detailed Banjo Minnow review will cover all the important features of their fishing lures.

Banjo Minnow Review

If you are someone who likes watching infomercials and buys a lot of As-Seen-On-TV products, the chances are that you have come across the Banjo Minnow on your screen.

The Banjo Minnow made its TV debut at the end of the ’90s.

This is a soft plastic swimbait and jerk bait hybrid with a very interesting and unusual hook presentation.

The lure was created by Wayne Hockmeyer with a very simple concept in mind that big fish aim for smaller fishes that are wounded.

Who Is This Product For?

The Banjo Minnow is perfect for any angler, whether you are new to it or you’re already experienced.

The plethora of lures and hooks that come in this set make it perfect for any angler who is on a tight budget.

Furthermore, since this one product comprises multiple sets of lures and hooks, you won’t have to go through multiple sites to find multiple lures, saving you a lot of time and effort.

What’s Included?

The Banjo Minnow Fishing System comes with a ton of fishing lures.

Upon buying this product, you will get 12 three-inch minnows with two lures per color.

There is also 12 four-inch minnow, and these also come with two lures per color.

Then there are six five-inch minnows that have one lure per color, along with two four-inch firefly minnows that glow in the dark, making it ideal for fishing at night or in the shadows.

There are hooks, as well.

There are three no. 1 weedless hooks, three no. 4 weedless hooks, three no. 8 weedless hooks, two no. 1 and no. 2 el Sanko hooks, and a set of 60 weed guards.

There are also five sets of plastic eyes ideal for shallow water fishing.

If that’s not enough, it also comes with two sets of metal eyes for fishing on the bottom, a DVD for helpful tips, and a brochure of instructions.

The DVD is great, as it gives you detailed information on how you can use the Banjo Minnow correctly.

The only issue we have is that it is a DVD. Many of us don’t own DVD players anymore, and we would have preferred to stream it online instead.

Overview of Features

It is very clear that these fishing hooks and lures offer great value for money, but that’s not the only enticing factor of this product.

The Banjo Minnow Fishing Tackle System comes with some interesting features, too.

  • Great Value

The Banjo Minnow is an excellent buy; you get numerous fishing lures and hooks at a great price.

All in all, this fishing tackle system comprises of 110 pieces.

This is something that you will not find in many brands.

This is ideal for new anglers who want to practice fishing as they often tend to lose fishing hooks and lures easily.

  • Lifelike Action

One of the top reasons why you should buy this product is because of its lifelike action.

Unlike most fishing lures on the market, which just move around the water, this lure mimics the movement of a real fish or a wounded minnow.

With this realistic looking movement, big fishes react to it, swim towards it, and bite it.

This unique ability of these fishing lures ensures that you have a productive fishing trip and a boat full of fish.

  • Colors

As mentioned earlier, the Banjo Minnow Fishing Tackle System comes with a wide range of fishing lures.

All of them are available in different sizes, colors, and designs.

This makes it a very interesting feature because, with so many options, you will be able to find one that perfectly suits the need of the hour.

By that, we mean the conditions and the color of the water—whether the water is shallow or deep, and the skies are clear or cloudy.

Regardless of this all, you will find the perfect fishing tackle to use in this kit.

  • Quality

All of these fishing lures are made of a soft plastic swimbait and jerk bait hybrid.

This, along with all the hooks, have an excellent quality that will make them last for a very long time.

How to Get the Most of the Banjo Minnow

Are you intrigued by the Banjo Minnow Fishing Tackle System and want to know more about it?

You will be pleased to know that we found the original 30-minute long Banjo Minnow infomercial from the early 1990s.

We recommend you take a look at this video to know how well these lures and hooks work.


Since some of the Banjo Minnow lures are not the best for stronger fish, we suggest you try out the LotFancy Fishing Lures.

Available in varying lengths and designs, the LotFancy fishing lures come in a pack of 30, and their weight ranges from three to eight grams.

The lures are made from high-quality materials with sharp stainless steel hooks, high-resolution bodies, and 3D lifelike eyes that will make it more effective at catching fishes.

Furthermore, there is also a gravity ball inside that resonates a low-frequency rattle that mimics a real-life baitfish.


We hope that this Banjo Minnow review has given you all the information you need to understand this fishing tackle system better.

The Banjo Minnow is an excellent set of lures and hooks that is ideal for every newbie angler and perfect to pair with your fishing accessories.

We highly recommend this product!

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